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  • Sale! Student's Qur'an Notebook (Biyadh Wala Qur'an) (Blank Line Between Qur'an)

    Student’s Qur’an Notebook (Biyadh Wala Qur’an) (Blank Line Between Qur’an)


    Excellent for any type of note taking, tafseer, commentary, etc. of Qur’an.

    Produced with the needs of Qur’an students in mind. Contains blank lines between Arabic text for the reader to write the translation as well as space in the margin to write notes. You can practice writing the translation without having to reproduce the Arabic text.

    About the publisher:Qudrat Ullah Company has gained international reputation for the production of The Holy Quran. The Muslim community all over the world desires spiritual knowledge and its application in the high technology age. Qudrat Ullah Company’s mission is to provide the means to fulfill this need with quality and as per desires.Holy Quran is the final version of Allah Almighty’s message to human being. It mostly addresses the mankind. This makes it global and beyond the time limit. Keeping this background in mind Qudrat Ullah Company was established in 1986. A company which is totally dedicated to promote Quranic Script and Translation in world languages. Company is continuously struggling for the best possible quality of Holy Quran’s publications. Qudrat Ullah Company has almost 700 dealers throughout the country. More tan 250 workers are dedicated to produce high quality and 200 different items being published continuously. New and improved items are constantly being added in the product line.