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    Companion to Pakistani Cuisine By Shanaz Ramzi


    Companion to Pakistani Cuisine

    Edited by Shanaz Ramzi

    Pakistan’s diverse cuisine has been influenced by its rich history and varied topography. With a cuisine that is at once as old as the most ancient civilization that once inhabited these lands and as young as the latest fast-food recipe downloaded from the Internet, Pakistani cuisine is constantly evolving. This book is the first of its kind in Pakistan and aims to encompass all major aspects of Pakistan’s culinary offerings. Through an exhaustive but meticulous selection of subjects and detailed entries on them by experts in their field, this encyclopaedia offers an insight into the gastronomic history and food ethos of Pakistan. The volume will serve as a valuable reference book on almost all the elements of Pakistani food, including people, places, events, historical data, and food culture. It draws on subjects like archaeology, history, botany, and anthropology. Providing a wealth of information on food materials and the cuisine of the country, it includes descriptions of dishes from across Pakistan, cooking techniques practiced, and ingredients and utensils commonly used.